Does your business have a disaster recovery plan?

If disaster struck your office, how would your business recover?

Over the past year, 36% of organizations have lost critical data or applications due to natural disaster, hardware failure, or other unpredictable events.¹ Numerous studies have shown that over 50% of small businesses close their doors within a year of suffering a major data loss. Having a safe and secure backup of your businesses data is essential to keeping your business afloat in case of disaster. Using cloud based software provides an easy and affordable solution to this risk.

Choosing MuniBilling means you never have to worry about losing access to your utility billing system. While we don’t provide a full disaster recovery plan, we do cover the most important aspect. MuniBilling automatically backs up all of your data every hour, so if a computer crashes or needs to be replaced, you can get right back to work. Our software is accessible from any computer, allowing you to access the system from home or on the road. We also are constantly upgrading our product (free of charge to our customers), to further decrease your IT costs.

Data backup is the most important aspect of disaster recovery.

Even with stormy weather ahead, MuniBilling is there to ensure your business continues on the long road to success. Click here to learn more about the benefits of using cloud based utility billing software.