Custom Billing Software

MuniBilling provides custom billing software to fit your needs.

We understand that every town and HOA has specific billing needs. That’s why we offer MuniBilling as a custom billing software solution with hundreds of features that can be turned on or off, depending on your needs. When you contact us, we begin by gathering information on what you bill for. This allows us to deliver a personalized software demonstration to you and your team, explaining exactly how MuniBilling would make your job easier. The demo takes 30 minutes to an hour, as we touch on all the most important and frequently used functions of utility billing. Any questions that you have can be answered immediately or at the end of the demo.

If you decide you want to use MuniBilling, we then take more time to analyze your exact needs. This allows use to configure the software to include all of the features that you need to make your billing and customer management processes easy and efficient. Features that you don’t need are hidden to keep your custom billing software as simple and as intuitive as possible.

Many billing entities use meter reading devices, accounting packages, GIS software, and other programs to handle aspects of their utility billing. MuniBilling is able to fully integrate with any device or software package that you use. If we haven’t integrated with your specific program before, we will take the time to make sure that whichever files you use regularly can be imported or exported from MuniBilling.

Our software is used by billing entities everyday because it makes utility billing easy, efficient, and affordable. No matter what rate, service, or fee you bill for, MuniBilling can make your processes simple. Best of all, the entire software package comes together at one low monthly rate, billed quarterly. To learn more about getting started with MuniBilling, visit our Roadmap to MuniBilling.