Mobile Meter Reading App

Introducing our Free Mobile Meter Reading App

Our software comes with a meter reading app to replace the need for an expensive handheld meter reader.

With MuniBilling as your utility billing software, you won’t need an expensive handheld meter reader. Our free meter reading app makes it easy to transmit water, electricity, and gas usage information directly to any computer. All of MuniBilling’s customers get free access to our smartphone-friendly meter reading app. If you are a small town or community faced with billing for actual usage instead of flat-rate utility billing, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a meter reading system. Our free meter reading app is the perfect solution and integrates seamlessly with our billing software. It works on any smart phone or tablet, and completely replaces the need for an expensive handheld meter reader! It can be sued for any type of meter, including water, gas and electricity.

  • Perfect for reading any number of water, gas, or electricity meters.
  • Works on all internet connected smartphone and tablet devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.
  • Ability to search for properties within the system.
  • Multiple users can be reading different routes at the same time.
  • Changes made in the meter configuration in our system display instantly in the App.
  • Updates the main website in real-time, making the review of meter readings faster and easier in your office.
  • No download necessary (its really just a mobile optimized website)

How the meter reading app works:

1. Sign into your account.

Meter reading app sign in

2. Choose a route.

Meter reading app choose route

3. Enter the reading.

Meter reading app add reading

4. The reading is then instantly loaded to our system, and the next meter in the route is shown.