What is web based billing software?

What is Web Based Billing Software?

Web based billing software is a convenient alternative to traditional billing software that must be installed on a computer. Instead of an application that takes up space on your device, web based billing software is hosted in the cloud, meaning it is a website that you can visit from any computer. This comes with a variety of benefits ranging from automatic updates, to increased data security, to diminished IT costs.

MuniBilling’s utility billing toolkit is a web based billing software built for towns and utility companies ranging in size from 100-30,000 accounts. The software itself, as well as all of the billing data accessible through the software, is physically stored in servers around the United States. Having the software stored in multiple locations ensures that if disaster strikes at the location of one server, MuniBilling will be unaffected as it can be accessed from another server. The same stands for data backups – if a computer crashes or natural disaster hits the office, all data is safely stored in the cloud and will remain accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

5 Reasons to Choose a Web Based Billing Software:
1. No special equipment required.

All you need to in order use online billing software is a computer with an Internet connection. MuniBilling works well on a Mac or PC, even tablets. Our software is hosted on a secure server, so your data stays safe, too.

2. No software to install, it’s all done for you.

Once your data is converted from your old system (we do that for you), all you need to do is sign in to MuniBilling’s secure website. You don’t have to spend hours installing a program on multiple computers. You don’t have to worry if it’s compatible with your operating system. You don’t have to buy a new computer to use MuniBilling, and our online billing software integrates with every meter reading system on the market.

3. You always have the most current version of the software.

When you use our online billing software, the system is frequently updated behind the scenes. Updates are automatically applied, so no action is needed on your behalf. With MuniBilling, software upgrades are free, and you don’t have to worry if the latest upgrade is compatible with your computer’s operating system.

4. Never worry about computer crashes losing your data.

Need a new computer? Suffer a computer crash? Either way, all of your data will be immediately accessible the moment you turn on your new computer when you use our online billing software. At MuniBilling, we perform complete back-ups of all customer data every single hour.

5. Access your utility billing software from any location.

Need to work from a different office? Staying at home with a sick child? When you use our online billing software, it’s easy to work from home or any other off-site location to keep your accounts up-to-date and stay on track.

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